Bruno Tabata

The Left-Footed Pearl

Portuguese football is widely known for the players that grow in Liga NOS and then move to major european championships, with top clubs splashing big fees. Those athletes have something in common: in most of the cases, they developed in Benfica, Porto or Sporting. There are just a few players that transfer to bigger leagues coming from smaller clubs. Bruno Tabata is the next one in that small group.

The brazilian represented Ipatinga and América-MG before he moved to giants Atlético Mineiro, where he made his name as one of most promising players in the 1997 generation. He conquered U17 Brazilian Cup and club supporters started seeing him as a more talented winger than Bernard (Everton FC), also a club graduate.

In the summer of 2016, Atlético wanted to extend Tabata’s contract. That’s when Portimonense got into the game. They were playing Ledman LigaPro, portuguese second tier, but they clearly had a structured project to become an attractive team in first tier. Oh, and they had money. Bruno Tabata accepted the project and moved to Portimão, a city located in Algarve (South of Portugal). It was his first season at senior level.

The winger easily became a starting player and ended 2016/2017 lifting the trophy. Last season, having just arrived in Liga NOS, Portimonense was probably the biggest sensation in the competition. And Tabata one of the wonderkids. Not surprisingly, he was strongly linked to Benfica, but remained in Portimão.

Today, the left-footed pearl is an outstanding right winger and he is prepared to play a european top league. Signing him, however, won’t be an easy task. There are already several interested clubs, but Portimonense is a hard one to deal with.

Usually playing as a right winger, the speedy brazilian feels comfortable when he cuts inside and impresses for his skill. His ball control is amazing, as well as the capacity in 1v1 duels. Unlike expected, his decision-making is also a key point, as he trully understands what to do to help the team, using individual strenghts.

Tabata’s got top qualities and deserves top football. How long will he remain in Portugal is the only question.


October 16, 2018

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