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Imagine a young Philipe Coutinho coming for the first time to Europe to sign for a portuguese second-tier club. Can you imagine it? Probably not. However, it happened this season, as Marcos Bahia, an amazing midfielder made by Atlético Paranaense, joined GD Estoril Praia, a team that had just been relegated. It could sound like a weird choice, but in this particular case it wasn't. 

Estoril Praia has one of the most exciting projects in Portugal, they play a so-called modern football and they intend to concede Marcos time and space to develop. He may not stand in the club for a second season, but if he does there's a big possibility that he will compete in portuguese first-tier. In his first season as a senior player - he is still under-19.

Born and raised in a small town called Poções, he, just like many brazilian internationals, made huge sacrifices to become a footballer: aged eleven, he went to Coritiba without his family, to play for Atlético Paranaense, where he developed to become the most promising player in the club and one of the most brilliant in the brazilian 2000 generation. Confirming that fact, he was a starter in the last U17 World Cup, where Brazil finished third. In 2019, he will probably play the U20 World Cup, alongside Vinícius Júnior, a Real Madrid player, or Rodrygo, strongly linked to Real Madrid.

This season, after signing his first professional contract, he started playing for Estoril Praia's U23 professional team, but quickly turned into a senior squad player. He perfectly fits into their style of play and it is just a matter of time until he becomes the MVP.

As the name of this article tells us, Marcos Bahia is small in size, but giant in talent. He is a midfielder that enjoys moving with freedom, helping his team in several areas of the pitch and making a real difference in all of them. Technically, he is amazing, doing whatever he wants with the ball. He can controll it in every kind of situation and then send it anywhere. His understanding of the game is also huge. To sum it all up, he is the player that every "modern" coach wants in his team.

December 18, 2018

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