The Founder

José Dias

    Portuguese Football Talents is a project related to the most promising footballers playing in Liga NOS and Ledman LigaPro - portuguese first and second tiers.

    This is not the original project. It all began at the end of 2012 with Jovens Promessas (something like promising youngsters). There were interviews, news and, most importantly, articles about players… All related to under-23 footballers, either from Portugal or from another country. You can acess all the information through 

    The founder and currently only responsible is José Dias, recently graduated in Sports Sciences, at Faculty of Human Kinetics. Coming from Lisbon, he is assistant-manager at Sport Grupo Sacavenense’s U-19 team, participating in the National Championship, and scout for Futebol Clube de Famalicão.

        The  whole  website  was  designed  by                            also  an

assistant-manager at Sport Grupo Sacavenense's U-19 team.

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